Hunting for the Hippos

While in Botswana we were fortunate enough to get a chance to see hippos. During the summer there would normally be tons but since it was the winter the lack of water made it hard to find them. So in order to see them we had to go to where the Motloutse river meets the Limpopo. There we walked until we finally found three hippos, a bull, cow, and calf. We stood there at the edge of the river watching them for a bit until I got curious and decided to step closer to the edge of the water. They did not like that and the bull began to grunt loudly through his nostrils and splash water while opening his mouth and displaying his teeth. This was all a threatening display to scare us off, as hippos are very territorial. This often results in confrontations with humans that have given them their reputation as being one of Africa’s deadliest animals. Nevertheless, the behavior was very interesting to see and I will never forget the booming grunts echoing through the river channel!

Aggressive Bull hippo part 1

Aggressive Bull hippo part 2



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