The Small and the Large

While in Africa we saw many different species of antelope. Yet it was most interesting to see the differences between some of the smallest of the antelope and the largest. Those being the klipsringer and the eland.

The klipsringer would always be seen on rocky outcrops jumping around and feeding. They have become well suited for a life among the rocks, being able to hop with ease even on the most precarious looking ledges. Another fact I found to be interesting is that they mate for life so they’d often be seen jumping around with their mate.

Then came the eland, the largest of all the antelope species. Large adults can weigh more than buffalo. We did not see eland as often as we would see other antelope but when we did I was always blown away by their size. We were lucky enough to stumble across three large bulls and got very close making for great pictures!

Klipspringers jumping around



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