The Night Life

Since we slept in tents for the month we were there, we were exposed to much of the wildlife at night. Often times I would see the most while at the bathrooms preparing to go to bed at night. While brushing my teeth I would see geckos climbing the wall in front of me as well as the eye shine of small spotted genets in the bushes right next to the sinks. During many nights elephants would come through camp and feed. I would take the opportunity and leave my tent to go watch them when they came through. Often times getting closer than I should have but it was amazing to see.  The sounds of night consisted mostly of insects and birds. Occasionally you could hear the calls of the spotted hyena as well as low rumbles and loud trumpets from the elephants around and within camp. Finally in the mornings before the sun rose there would always be territorial lion calls echoing through the bush. It was amazing to be completely surrounded by the sights and sounds of Africa at night with only a tent as shelter.

Spotted hyena sighting (calling station)IMG_1080IMG_0340IMG_0497IMG_0501IMG_0537IMG_0502IMG_0540


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