Watching the Elephants

My all time favorite animal to watch while in Botswana as well as my favorite in general were the elephants. Many times while out on walks or game drives we would stumble upon up to three or four different breeding herds. Each time we came across them we would have to sit and wait for them to pass and avoid separating them from each other. It was so amazing to watch them interact with members of the herd and just observe their behavior. I never got tired of taking videos and pictures of these amazing creatures so I have a lot more to share as well as some cool encounters!

Thanks to Botswana’s conservation efforts, elephants have been doing very well in the area and there are many large herds with lots of young elephants. It’s a good thing to see and hopefully numbers continue to rise, as well as a reduction in poaching over the whole of Africa.

Herd with two bulls

Herd going to drink



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