The Zebra and Wildebeest

While on drives we would spot small groups of the Burchell’s zebra or plains zebra. Something I found quite interesting was learning that there are seven different species of zebra in all of Africa. One way you can tell a Burchell’s zebra from the other species is the ghost or shadow stripe in between the black stripes. Sometimes while watching the small groups the stallion of the group would stomp the ground and exhale loudly to try and ward us off. Which was some interesting behavior to see.

Another larger herding grazer we got to see were the blue wildebeest. There were quite a few of them but they were also in smaller groups compared to the large migratory herds in other places of Africa. They seem to like to have fun as one time I noticed a group running and hoped I was witnessing a chase. Yet I soon found out that they were just running in circles for no apparent  reason. Which was very funny to watch!

Zebra group video

Wildebeest running video



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