Arrival at Camp

Finally on the evening of the 16th of May we arrived at camp and got to unpack and get settled into our tents. We also had time to explore the camp itself and see the place we’d be living in for the next month. The camp was very nice, especially for being out in the middle of the African bush. I was overwhelmed with all of the sights and sounds. There were many birds, bugs, little squirrels, and even vervet monkeys all in camp!

After getting settled it was dark out and we all sat down for one final talk with the guides of our camp. We were given instructions on how camp will function as well as safety within the camp. The safety talk mostly regarded animals such as leopards, hyenas, elephants, and so on walking through camp at night and how you deal with those encounters. As well as rules such as not leaving the camp at anytime without a guide. After having that talk I knew it was going to be one crazy month out in the bush.

The videos were taken the last day of the trip but still a camp tour.

Camp tour part 1

Camp tour part 2





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