The Zebra and Wildebeest

While on drives we would spot small groups of the Burchell’s zebra or plains zebra. Something I found quite interesting was learning that there are seven different species of zebra in all of Africa. One way you can tell a Burchell’s zebra from the other species is the ghost or shadow stripe in between the black stripes. Sometimes while watching the small groups the stallion … Continue reading The Zebra and Wildebeest

The Drive into Tuli Game Reserve

  After the river crossing we were in Botswana and began the drive to the Northern Tuli game reserve. This was my first game drive in Botswana and to say I was excited would be an understatement. We saw tons of wildlife like giraffes, ostriches, impala, and even the small steenbok. This was only our first, small taste of what we would be experiencing for … Continue reading The Drive into Tuli Game Reserve